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    ln 1903, Mario Buccellati was hired as an errand-boy by the respected Milanese jewelers Beltrami & Besnati. Sixteen years later at the age of 28, he became the
    owner of the firm. He went on to open shops In Rome, Florence and New York.

    His ingenious idea was to translate antique techiques of the Renaissance jewelry into modern creations. That's how he created the style of "texture-engraving" and the "lace-like pattern", or "tulle"; a plate of gold pierced and filed, that had become the Buccellati trademark. Their jewels are also distinct for their mixed metals, naturalistic motifs and delicate designs.

    In 1971 the firm was splitted in two companies; Mario Buccellati was run by three Mario's sons and Giammaria Buccellati was founded by Gianmaria, the fourth of the 5 brothers. Today the family joined its forces and decided to work unified under the name of Gianmaria Buccellati. Servicing a wide range of clients from royalty to movie stars, they continue to produce jewelry in the distinctive "Buccellati" style throughout the world.