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    Founded in 1791 in Saint Petersburg by German immigrant Andreas Roempler, a diamond merchant. He became a manufacturing jeweller of the Court by 1796 and in 1823, Tsar Alexander I appointed him 'Appraiser of the Cabinet'. When Roempler died, his two sons-in-law, Gottlieb Ernst Jahn and Carl Edvard Bolin, followed the tradition. By 1840, many of the parure of the Empresses and grand Duchesses were made by Bolin who had completely taken over the family firm. He was later joined by his younger brother Henrik Conrad. The house has worked for the Russian sovereigns for decades, and together with Fabergé, has represented the best of the jewellery craftsmanship in Russia. In 1917, the family heirs were forced to leave Russia to go back to Sweden where the firm still exists today, run by the Bolin descendants.