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    René Boivin was born in 1864 in Paris. From a goldsmith family, he founded his own firm in 1890 by buying over some well known workshops like Soufflot or Marret. After his wedding in 1893 with Jeanne Poiret, sister of the fashion designer Paul Poiret, they worked together and moved to 38 rue de Turbigo in Paris. Their first clients were Mellerio and Boucheron. Wonderful designer and engraver, René Boivin's jewels are mainly inspired by animals and nature.

    He died prematurely in 1917, but his wife Jeanne took over the firm and gave it a new turn three years later, in 1920, by establishing the so-called "Atelier des Dames", in which her daughter Germaine Boivin worked together with Suzanne Belperron and Juliette Moutard. Their jewels were exceptionally modern in their style, far from everything seen around. Since then, Boivin jewellery have had a unique and bold style that is a signature in its own and that every admirer can recognize at first sight.

    Germaine Boivin and her sister sold the company in 1976 to Jacques Bernard. In 1991, the firm became part of Asprey Group.

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